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Adam Sarote has more than 20 years of consulting experience in Audit, Information Security, Enterprise Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance. At Cybersecurity, Risk, and Compliance, LLC (“CSRC”), Adam provides oversight of their cybersecurity, risk management, IT audit, and compliance management practices. Adam is a proven Information Technology and Cybersecurity Leader. His diversified expertise includes business development, branding, cyber-security, customer satisfaction, network operations, administration, risk management, social networking, training, quality assurance, and IT methodology development. Prior to establishing CSRC, Adam was responsible for information security, compliance, and risk management practices at Pitney Bowes, while leading enterprise cybersecurity initiatives. His responsibilities included all facets of compliance, including PCI, third-party assessments, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Reports of Controls for Service Organizations. Prior to CSRC, Adam was the youngest Managing Director in the history of Coalfire. His Coalfire responsibilities included oversight of its IT Audit, Healthcare and PCI lines of business.

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avoiding data breach incident

How Threat-Savvy Companies Can Defend Against Data Breaches

Incidents are Perpetually, Dramatically On the Rise Data breaches are happening at an alarming pace and, just as disturbing for those trying to head them off, there is no common denominator cause. Fortunately, adopting a best-practices approach can help your company gain a competitive advantage in protecting all the data you house and use: your […]

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