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Anatomy of a Trial

Featured from the Newbie Litigator School II Webinar Series

Financial Poise™ Webinars and West LegalEdcenter proudly present the new webinar “Anatomy of a Trial" — designed for attorneys and business owners.

Our hand-picked professional experts discuss the nuts and bolts of litigating a case at trial.

Introducing Civil Litigation

From civil procedure and evidence to dispositive motions — through trial — and on to appeal and post-judgment collection work. The Newbie Litigator School II series covers it all.

Our experts discuss

  • witness preparation,

  • selection and presentation of exhibits,

  • motion in limine,

  • opening statements and

  • closing arguments.

The webinar series is designed specifically for attorneys beginning civil litigation or as a refresher on litigation fundamentals. It serves as a purposeful introduction to the different components and phases of litigation.

CLE Online Webinars

The fourth episode in the series, Anatomy of a Trial, is available now and features

  • Kathryn Nadro of Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer,

  • Damian Capozzola of the Law Office of Damian Capozzola,

  • Eamon Merrigan of Goldberg Miller & Rubin,

  • Beau Hays of Hays Potter & Martin and

  • Meryl Macklin of Bryan Cave.

Panelists give actionable, applicable advice on real-world situations that may arise during trial.

Expertly, they explain how best to present your case to the fact-finder.

Previous episodes in the Newbie Litigator School II series includes

  1. TROs and Preliminary Injunctions,

  2. Evidence Rule Refresher and

  3. Settlement & Mediation.

These CLE online webinars are available on-demand through Financial Poise Webinars.

Continuing Your Education

Each episode is delivered in Plain-English. They are understandable to business owners and executives without a background in these areas. Yet, it is proven to be valuable to seasoned professionals.

Each episode in the series brings you into engaging, sometimes humorous, conversations.

Every Financial Poise webinar is also designed to entertain as it teaches.

Moreover, every episode in a series is designed to be viewed independently. Participants will enhance their knowledge of this area whether they attend one, some or every episode.

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