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Wade Bradley

wade bradley Wade Bradley is the Founder and CEO of Media Society, which provides high-net-worth individuals, wealth managers, and institutions with an end-to-end managed-risk investment strategy to invest in the entertainment industry. Bradley’s background was in the high risk, high yield financial services world (commodity trading, venture capital). He says he founded  Media Society on basic principles utilizing rigorous due diligence, fiscal discipline with product diversity, and continuous production/distribution oversight.  Most importantly, the company is committed to delivering this as a full stack solution that includes having the ability to control theatrical distribution.  

He is also the President of Altar Identity Studios, the entertainment co-production subsidiary of Media Society, which moves to the next level the feature film finance-to-distribution managed risk strategy he pioneered.  Wade has spent nearly 30 years as a Principal in feature film finance, venture capital and the financial derivatives industries.

Prior to launching Media Society, he was the Founder/Managing Director of Empire Ventures, a successful enterprise software/network infrastructure venture capital firm where he led 27 initial and 45 follow-on corporate equity investments (SnapNames,, XORA, Anvita Health), while serving on seven boards of directors. He also founded IndieVest, Inc. whose subsidiaries financed, produced and distributed two feature films in the global theatrical and home entertainment distribution markets.

Wade has also written about the finance industry in the book: “The Insiders Guide to Venture Capital” published by Prima Publishing.  He is a prominent member of the Pacific Northwest and California venture capital and angel investor communities.