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Mark Tan

Mark TanGuided by what he calls his strong faith and charitable instinct, Mark Tan says he is committed to helping others live happy, virtuous lives. As a financial advisor with Thrivent Financial, he seeks to guide his clients to being wise and generous with their money.

Experienced in many sectors of the financial industry, Mark has worked on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and at a hedge fund.  After completing his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, he furthered his education in strategy and management at Northwestern. He completed a master’s degree in mass communications at Northwestern and post-MBA work at their Kellog School of Management.

At Thrivent Financial, Mark assesses his clients’ unique situations and creates financial plans customized to their needs. He seeks to  empower clients make informed decisions and stay on track toward reaching financial goals. His sophisticated approach to financial planning helps clients assess multiple financial goals and concerns.  As part of a team of professionals that share his commitment to service, Mark has the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients and also access additional resources and knowledge from of members of his team when needed.

Thrivent Financial is a financial services organization that helps Christians be wise with their money and live generously. Mark embodies this philosophy in both his professional and personal life, and is actively involved in many charity activities.