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Lior Lavy

Lior Lavy artizone Biography

Lior Lavy is the chief operating officer and co-founder for artizone, an online marketplace offering a curated collection of the finest quality goods from local artisans and purveyors. Within artizone, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations and marketing for the company’s two current locations in Chicago and Dallas, in addition to directing expansion into new markets. Lavy also provides strategic direction and management of artizone’s customer care activities, all go-to-market strategies and brand awareness.

With a passion and love for the artisanal community, Lavy oversees the development, management, recruitment and retention of artizone’s “artisans.” As a seasoned technologist, he was instrumental in developing the company’s innovative platform that utilizes technology to provide artisans the necessary tools to reach new consumers and grow their businesses. His 16 years of product management and software engineering experience was especially fundamental in the development of artizone’s product delivery logistics model, which organizes each individual artisan’s production and delivery timelines with each of the customers’ orders, allowing for pick-up of the products immediately upon being prepared by the artisan and delivery to the consumer within hours.

Prior to founding artizone in 2009, Lavy was the Vice President of Key Accounts at Pontis, a technology solutions company that leverages innovative marketing strategies that help customers achieve financial excellence. The company experienced hyper-growth during Lavy’s time there, eventually growing from seven employee to a team of 140 that achieved $20 million in yearly sales. Lavy also served in the role of Vice President of Product Management for Pontis, cultivating his expertise in both the technical side of product distribution and management, as well as customer-facing sales and delivery activities. Lavy’s experience in software engineering and marketing was further developed in his previous positions as Director of Research and Development for Comverse and as a Senior Software Engineer at Oceana.

A former high school and college level software programming teacher, Lavy has a passion for helping others understand and utilize technology solutions to facilitate and enable growth. Lavy married this passion for technology with his love of sustainable foods and the artisans who create them to bring fresh, artisanal products to consumers’ doorsteps. His goal as an entrepreneur is to help better the world and make a difference in the lives of future generations. Lavy is married and the proud father of two children.