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Gary Opp

Gary Opp is a well respected estate planning specialist, and investment advisor with 18 years of experience serving individuals, families and business owners all over California. He is the owner of Redwood Alternative Investments. Gary is a third generation Californian with family roots going back to the 1800′s in Southern California, Gary believes education is the key to successful estate, business and retirement planning. His goal is to educate and inform each of his clients to a level that is suitable for them. Knowledge is empowerment, which leads to making wise financial decisions.

Gary’s educational approach allows his clients to feel comfortable with the choices they make because the process does not include any heavy handed sales pitch or pressure to make a decision, these are traits he does not appreciate himself and does not incorporate them into his business practice. The foundation Gary uses in recommending strategies and products are based upon the five financial building blocks, which are: Accumulating Wealth, Taxing Wealth, Protecting Wealth, Distributing Wealth, and ultimately Transferring Wealth.

Gary is constantly in training and educating himself. Keeping informed with what is going on internationally as well as locally. This enables him to provide expert guidance based upon current trends and strategies to maximize results. Gary is a certified trainer in Advanced Life Insurance Strategies dealing with the estate tax problems of High-Net-Worth individuals, families and business owners and has extensive knowledge and training in Alternative Investments. As an independent agent Gary’s commitment is to do what is in the best interest of his client and provide the very best personal service attainable.