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Cyril Demaria

Cyril Demaria is the author of Introduction to Private Equity (Wiley, 2010). He is an asset manager specializing in private equity (direct, funds of funds, and secondaries), and manages a small-business angels fund, Pilot Fish I (vintage year 2009). Cyril writes about private equity for English and French-speaking publications such as Private Equity magazine, PME, Private Banking, Wealth Briefing, IP&E, and others, including his blog “Private Equity and Finance.” His contributions are also featured regularly in daily economic newspapers in France. He gives lectures about private equity and finance in France, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary.

As head of corporate development of a profitable IT outsourcing company (Paris), Cyril managed four acquisitions projects and raised debt to finance them. Cyril started his career in a hybrid venture capital and fund of funds firm (San Francisco, Paris).