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Brigitte Yuille

Brigitte YuilleBrigitte Yuille is CEO and founder of B.Y. Communications Worldwide,, which provides content management services, ebooks and online courses. Her work experience includes on-air reporting, producing, and business news writing at international and national renowned news organizations within the top media markets. Her articles have been published in China Daily, Entrepreneur, The Financial Times and Forbes. She has worked in the marketing departments of global corporations and has taught English, Business Communications and Fundamentals of Math as a college professor. She also manages her personal blog,

Brigitte has earned a Master of Science degree in Communications with an emphasis in Business Journalism from Florida International University, and she is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Business Administration.

Brigitte lives in South Florida. Her hobbies include deep sea fishing, drawing, painting, swimming and travelling. She’s visited France, Germany, Ghana, Spain, and she has resided in London, England.