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Author Profiles

AIMkts Contributing Authors

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John Arensmeyer, Founder and CEO of Small Business Majority.

Jeff Ball, President and CEO of Visio Financial Services.

Lee Barken, CPA, LEED-AP, is the Energy and Cleantech practice leader at Haskell & White LLP 

David BehinCEO and Co-Founder of real estate crowdfunding platform CityFunders.

Stephen A. Bornstein, New York City securities attorney and financial blogger.

Wade Bradley, Founder and CEO of Media Society.

Mike Brady, President of Generosity Wealth Management.

Charles Clinton, co-founder and CEO, Equity Multiple.

Judy Radler Cohen, financial editor and investigative reporter.

Cyril Demaria, private equity fund manager, teacher and author of Introduction to Private Equity. John C. Drachman, team leader, senior writer and principal of AlphaSegment.

Amanda Florip, Chief Operating Officer of DailyDAC, LLC.

David M. Freedman, legal and financial journalist.

Jonathan Friedland,  Illinois “Superlawyer” and partner with Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP.

Roy Friedmanexecutive vice president for Dillon Gage Metals, an international precious metals wholesaler.

Alon Goren, CEO and co-founder of and INVST.

Thomas Hill, personal finance and investment writer.

Sam Houghton, CFIRA member, business attorney and entrepreneurial consultant based in Lakeland, Fla.

Andrew S. Katzenberg, attorney,  Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C

Joel Kranc, award winning financial and economics writer.

Kaja Kwasniewska, Boston management consultant, MBA and owner of PElosophy.

Jason Lampa, Chief Operating Officer, co-founder of the Alternative Investment Store.

Lior Lavy, Co-Founder & COO of artizone.

Heather Schwarz-Lopes, Co-Founder & CSO, EarlyShares.

Josh Maher, author and president of Seattle Angel.

Robert Mander, Founder, Govlish.

Drew Mason Author and Director of Asset Management at Dillon Gage Metals

David Moses, California rock’n’roller, comic book enthusiast.

Matthew Nutting, California lawyer and authority on crowdfunding issues.

Gary Opp, Investment advisor and owner of Redwood Alternative Investments.

Christopher Orr, Director, Institutional Products, at PENSCO

Alan G. OrlowskyCPA, JD, and principal in the law firm Orlowsky & Wilson.

Walter Pehowich,  executive vice president of precious metals investment services, Dillon Gage Metals.

Scott Picken, CEO and founder of Wealth Migrate.

Sohail Prasadfounder and CEO of Equidate, Inc., a secondary market for private stock.

Mahendra Ramsinghani, Managing director of Invest Detroit’s First Step Fund and author of The Business of Venture Capital.

Robert N. Rapp, Partner at Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP, lecturer and author of Blue Sky Regulation.

Caroline Rasmussen, vice president at iCapital Network.

Brett K. Rentmeester, President and CIO of WindRock Wealth Management, three-time recipient of the Chicago Magazine 5 Star Wealth Manager Award.

Richard Roscelli, futures broker with Attain Capital Management and an Investment Advisor with Cathay Consultants.

Andrew Rosenbaum, financial journalist.

Melissa Rudy, freelance business writer.

Paul Scanlan, Emmy winning technologist and co-founder of Legion M.

Neil E. SchoenblumSenior Vice President, Wealth Management & Relationship Manager, First American Trust of Nevada, LLC

Vanessa J. Schoenthalerfounding member of Qashu & Schoenthaler LLP.

Kunal Shahsenior vice president of the Due Diligence and Origination, iCapital Network.

Tirdad ShojaieHead of Product, Marketing and Business Strategy, Fiserv

Robert T. Sleepresident of Robertson & Foley and author of Private Capital Markets, 2nd Ed.

Charles Smith, founder and Managing Partner of Pegasus Intellectual Capital Solutions.

Karl Starkco-CEO of Avondale Strategic Partners and frequent columnist for Inc. Magazine.

Andrew Stephenson, Director of Research Operations and Client Services for CrowdCheck.

Jason Stevens, Investment Executive for Sprott Global Resource Investments.

Bill Stewartco-CEO of Avondale Strategic Partners and frequent Inc. Magazine columnist.

Stephanie Strait, producer of Accredited Investor Markets Radio.

Mike Straus, freelance writer.

John Sweeney, executive vice president, Retirement and Investing Strategies for Personal Investing, a unit of Fidelity Investments.

Mark Tanfinancial advisor with Thrivent Financial. 

Allen Taylor, award-winning journalist.

Reinalyn Terrado, business journalist.

Mark Terry, freelancer writer.

J. Robert Tyler IIIattorney with Williams Mullen and author of Venture Capital Guide.

Chris Tyrrell, CEO of OfferBoard.

Billy Ray Valentine, financial advisor, author.

Nick Veronismanaging partner,  iCapital Network.

Brigitte Yuille, CEO and founder of B.Y. Communications Worldwide.

Megan ZitoInvestor Executive at CircleUp.

Vincent Zurzolo, Comic book authority and author, co-owner of the New York-based Metropolis Collectibles.