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Author Guidelines

AIMkts publishes original articles, white papers, presentations, and educational materials submitted by knowledgeable, unbiased authors, including financial advisers, lawyers, professional journalists, successful accredited investors, researchers, and finance professors. See our current author profiles.

Content Guide

All content in the AIMkts library must be responsive to the needs of our readers, accredited investors. We will not publish materials intended for any other audience.

We welcome article proposals and submissions from public relations professionals who represent authors, but we generally do not read press releases.

Most articles should be narrow in scope and contain lots of examples, illustrations, anecdotes, and details to illuminate the subject. Narrow and deep = good. Broad and superficial = bad. Also, please make sure to hyperlink to any credible sources you’ve used in your research to help back up any claims you make. If you make any authoritative statements, it will help to have links to places the readers can get more information on that subject.

State a benefit in the introduction (first few paragraphs) — i.e., what will readers learn, or how will they improve their return on portfolio investment, by reading the article?

Style Guide

The AIMkts editorial style is informal and conversational. However, avoid use of the first-person (‘I’ or ‘we’). You may use the second-person (‘you’) in your writing to refer to the ‘accredited investor’ as an individual, where appropriate.

The piece you are planning to write should not feature or ‘plug’ your business/firm/services because AIMkts gives each author a bio on our ‘Author Profiles” page that will feature, in detail, who you are, your area of expertise, accomplishments (such as books you’ve authored, TV appearances etc.), the business or firm you work for and more.

Although you may write on a current event, AIMkts prefers ‘evergreen’ pieces that will have a longer shelf life. Keep in mind also that once we receive an article, it may take several weeks before it is scheduled to go live on the AIMkts website, so the current event topic may no longer be relevant.

We especially want to publish entertaining (as well as illuminating) anecdotes, from your experiences or hypothetical. Feel free to tell stories about experiences you’ve had in the area you’re writing about. This field is about people, not just assets, money, and rates.

Writers are encouraged to use the ‘search’ function on the AIMkts home page to look for the topic they are interested in writing about. This will show you what AIMkts already has covered and how much saturation the topic already has on our site. When in doubt, ask! We are always excited to work with contributors on producing a piece that resonates with our audience and the alternative investing world at large and we are here to help!

Participate in Webinars & Publishing Ventures

As an AIMkts contributing author, you may have an opportunity to be a panelist in Financial Poise webinars for investors, and/or write chapters for books that DailyDAC produces.

Contact AIMkts
If you would like to contribute to AIMkts, please query: