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Author Benefits

Become an AIMkts Content Contributor

We invite financial journalists, investment advisers, securities lawyers, and other experts in the field to submit bylined articles for AIMkts. All content must be written specifically for our target audience, accredited investors.

Please keep the editorial focus of articles very narrow, and include plenty of examples, details, illustrations, anecdotes, and mini-case studies. If your article does not have a lot of details, it’s probably too broad. Our mantra is: narrow and deep, not broad and superficial

Please see more authors’ guidelines here.

Publishing and Speaking Opportunities

As an AIMkts author, you will have an opportunity to participate as a panelist or moderator in Financial Poise webinars, which are produced for three different audiences: accredited investors, business owners and executives, and lawyers. You may also have an opportunity to contribute material to books that we produce and to other educational activities.

For more information, please contact:
Adam J. Schlagman
Managing Editor of AIMkt