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Playing It Too Safe; Low Yields And Long Lives Turn Traditional Investing Advice On Its Head

By: The AIMkts Editors

Upside Down Investing Advice TurtlePeople are living longer lives than ever before in history.  Thanks to advancements in healthcare and focus on wellness, many are living long enough to watch great-grandchildren grow up.  Great news but this means that people need more funds than they ever anticipated in order to support them in retirement. Many are left pinching pennies.

Traditionally, most investment strategies leading up to retirement include investing in government bonds. Bonds are a safe, conservative investment that will almost ensure that the investment is protected-  without regard to inflation, that is.

As baby boomers approach and reach retirement age, it may be necessary for them to re-think their investment strategies concerning the use of bonds and look to more aggressive, risky strategies in order to ensure that there are sufficient funds on hand during your retirement years.