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Investment Advisors

Articles from AIMkts:

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1), by John Drachman

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help, (Part 2) by John Drachman

Managed Futures: Understanding a little-known alternative asset category, by Richard Roscelli

What Accredited Investors Need to Know When Selecting Advisors, by Judy  Radler Cohen

IMCA Defines “Wealth Management”, by the AIMkts Editors

Financial Guard: Worth a Look

Playing It Too Safe; Low Yields And Long Lives Turn Traditional
Investing Advice On Its Head

The Next Chapter in Low Cost Investing: Robo-Investing & Automated Investment Advice

Robo-Advisors: To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Resources on Choosing & Using Advisers

Investment Advisors: What You Need to Know before Choosing One,” posted by the SEC, and updated August 2012

What is a ‘Wealth Manager’ and What ‘Distinctive’ Services Do They Offer? According to a 2012 white paper by the Investment Management Consultants Association, wealth managers serve clients with $5 million net worth, and offer more “advanced” services than financial planners.

The Investment Adviser Association (IAA) in Washington, DC, publishes the following information for investors:

News and Blogs

Institutional Investor’s Top Money Managers news blog
Institutional Investor’s Research Teams news blog

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has a Newsroom with press releases, speeches and testimony, and statistics about securities firms doing business in the USA. FINRA’s headquarters are in Washington, DC.


Updated 9/9/2013