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Why AIMkts?

Accredited Investor Markets (AIMkts) is the most comprehensive resource available for the accredited investor. Because of the JOBS Act of 2012 and the major changes it has brought and will continue to bring, such as the adjustment of the definition of an accredited investor, among other things, AIMkts has stepped up to help educate and inform current and future investors about all aspects of alternative investing.

Opportunities for AIs

Because of the JOBS Act, opportunities for AIs to invest in alternatives are going to increase exponentially. These alternatives, which are available only to accredited investors, offer an opportunity for higher—in some cases spectacularly higher—returns than the investments you have traditionally bought (including stocks, bonds, and real estate), and which have yielded flat returns over the past five years. Along with higher returns, in this alternative-investment landscape, come commensurate risk and restricted liquidity. There is a big difference between the kind of regulation that drove the past-75-year trend and the next participation trend. Many of the solicitations you receive will promise more than they can possibly deliver. Some will be outrageous frauds. It takes some courage to buy private shares in startups and hyper-fast-growing companies with not many years of positive earnings, if any, in pursuit of better potential returns. To overcome your fear, you’ll need an education. Read more about “Opportunities for AIs” here.

The Alternative Investment Universe

An alternative is an investment product other than public stocks, high-quality bonds, money markets, and residential real estate. Alternatives include financial assets such as private equityventure capitalhedge funds, commodities, and financial derivatives. It also includes tangible assets like precious metals, natural resources, commercial and industrial real estate, valuable art and antiques, collectibles (coins and stamps, for example), etc. Read more here.