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Retiring Abroad: Does Your Wanderlust Make Financial Sense?

By Cristina Nolan • November 23, 2022

It’s Better When You’re Older, Wiser, and Richer A lot of people contemplate retiring abroad. In college, did you dream of spending a year in Europe? Maybe you hoped to master art and architecture in Italy or study engineering in…

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Can Regenerative Agriculture Fix the US Food System?

By Tyler Mayoras • November 22, 2022

Find out how the U.S. government changed - and ruined - our food industry, and why entrepreneurs are using regenerative agriculture to save it.

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Home Run Hobby: Collecting Baseball Cards for Fun and Profit?

By The Financial Poise Editors • November 21, 2022

Are baseball cards a good investment? Find out how this popular hobby has changed and whether you should consider investing in baseball cards for fun or for profit.

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Recent Articles

illustrating a business plan

6 Important Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

By Akira Hirai • November 18, 2022
A long or hyperbolic business plan can turn off investors quickly. Eliminate red flags with these six important business plan tips. 

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Invest in Veterans

Veteran-Owned Businesses Make All Kinds of Sense

By Mercedes Holmen • November 17, 2022
Veteran-owned businesses can improve the lives of military families and boost an economy in recession. Here’s how to start (or support) one.

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Know Thy Numbers Installment #2 – Accounting Principles in a Nutshell

By Kristina Parren and Jonathan Friedland • November 16, 2022
GAAP rules are accounting principles and concepts that shape how we present financial information. These are the 12 “Commandments” of GAAP accounting.

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buy a website

Psst…Wanna Buy a Website?

By The Financial Poise Editors • November 15, 2022
Websites Can Be Attractive Alternative Investments Have you ever yearned to buy a website? Someone suggested you can flip a website like a house. I guess there are some similarities…

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showing crowdfunding deal

Evaluating Deal Terms in Crowdfunding Investments: Part 2

By David M. Freedman • November 14, 2022
Convertible Debt and Future Equity All Americans, regardless of income or net worth, can invest in shares of startups and fast-growing small businesses through equity crowdfunding platforms. Offering terms vary…

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90-Second Lesson: How to Raise Money for Your Start-Up

By Jonathan Friedland • November 14, 2022
The Big Picture: Three Basic Ways to Fund a Start-up Here’s the big picture: there are three basics ways to raise money for your start-up: (1) use your own savings…

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Gut health, fermented foods

Gut Health and Your Brain: What Is the Link?

By Tyler Mayoras • November 13, 2022
Why should you give up diet soda, limit antibiotic use and start eating fermented foods? Over the last five years, there have been key research breakthroughs in the link between…

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What is a family office?

What is a Family Office?

By Gay Jervey • November 12, 2022
Private Wealth Management for Well-To-Do Families Family offices date back to the 19th century when the likes of John D. Rockefeller and other tycoons spearheaded them as effective tools to…

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illustrating that working with veterans adds strength to the business

Invest New Effort in Your Business: Working with Veterans as Employees and Entrepreneurs

By Maryan Pelland • November 11, 2022
A Contemplation on Veteran’s Day Almost any business can benefit by choosing veterans as employees or entrepreneurial partners. Forward-thinking business people who have hired veterans can tell you amazing success…

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budget-friendly meals

Budget-Friendly Holiday Meals: Take the $100 Challenge

By Michelle Gershfeld • November 10, 2022
Your holiday meal is costing too much, but it is possible to create budget-friendly meals at just $100… if you can accept the challenge.

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