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When Does an Asset Acquisition Become a De Facto Merger?

By Leib Orlanski • December 4, 2022

Asset acquisitions are presumed to be free and clear of claims against the seller. But liabilities can pass to the buyer, resulting in a de facto merger.

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Sustainable Food Documentaries: What Can We Learn?

By The Financial Poise Editors • December 2, 2022

On November 15, 2022, the date this article was written, the UN announced that the world population reached 8 billion. Sustainable food production is key to the next phase of human survival. We’ve over-used natural food resources to the point…

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How Investible Start-ups Attract Investors

By Stephanie Strait • December 1, 2022

A good idea is not enough to attract investors. Does your startup have these 4 traits that successful and “investable” startups all share?

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Recent Articles

Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #3: Types of Financial Statements

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #3: Types of Financial Statements

By Kristina Parren and Jonathan Friedland • November 29, 2022
From the statement of income to the statement of cash flows, here's how various types of financial statements present a bigger picture of company health.

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wind farm green investments

What Kinds of Green Investments Contribute to the Green Economy?

By The Financial Poise Editors • November 28, 2022
Interested in the burgeoning green economy? Click to keep informed about FP upcoming green events! Green Investing by Function Different types of green investments contribute to the green economy in…

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magician's poster, what not to do seeking financial planning advisor

Choosing a Financial Planning Advisor: No Magic Involved

By Cristina Nolan • November 28, 2022
Getting great financial planning advice can feel like magic, but sleight of hand isn’t something you’re looking for in a financial planning advisor. Do your research or you may watch…

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Alternative Lenders for Small Businesses

5 Alternative Lending Solutions for Small Business Financing

By Christopher Cahill • November 27, 2022
Think outside the bank. As bank loans become harder to secure, it pays to get creative with small business financing and alternative lending.

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Retiring abroad image of Spain

Retiring Abroad: Does Your Wanderlust Make Financial Sense?

By Cristina Nolan • November 23, 2022
It’s Better When You’re Older, Wiser, and Richer A lot of people contemplate retiring abroad. In college, did you dream of spending a year in Europe? Maybe you hoped to…

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illustrating regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming

Can Regenerative Agriculture Fix the US Food System?

By Tyler Mayoras • November 22, 2022
Find out how the U.S. government changed - and ruined - our food industry, and why entrepreneurs are using regenerative agriculture to save it.

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collecting baseball cards began long ago

Home Run Hobby: Collecting Baseball Cards for Fun and Profit?

By The Financial Poise Editors • November 21, 2022
Are baseball cards a good investment? Find out how this popular hobby has changed and whether you should consider investing in baseball cards for fun or for profit.

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illustrating a business plan

6 Important Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

By Akira Hirai • November 18, 2022
A long or hyperbolic business plan can turn off investors quickly. Eliminate red flags with these six important business plan tips. 

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Invest in Veterans

Veteran-Owned Businesses Make All Kinds of Sense

By Mercedes Holmen • November 17, 2022
Veteran-owned businesses can improve the lives of military families and boost an economy in recession. Here’s how to start (or support) one.

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Know Thy Numbers Installment #2 – Accounting Principles in a Nutshell

By Kristina Parren and Jonathan Friedland • November 16, 2022
GAAP rules are accounting principles and concepts that shape how we present financial information. These are the 12 “Commandments” of GAAP accounting.

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