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The Danger of Overconfident Leaders in Business

Woman wearing a blue suit, representing overconfident leaders and confidence in business leaders

Overconfident leaders hurt company culture and make costly mistakes. True confidence in leadership requires dialogue. What conversations you should have?

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Tips for Self-Promotion at Work for the Leader Who Wants to be Noticed

businesspeople talking, representing shameless self=promotion at work

Good leaders don’t reward shameless self-promotion—or dutiful silence. Learning how to be a leader is the best route for self-promotion at work.

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Repairing Bad Company Culture from the Top

business executive screams, representng bad company culture and changing i

Bad company culture exists when leaders tolerate unethical behavior and deny problems. Changing workplace culture starts with eliminating arrogance.

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Correcting Bad Leadership: Actions Speak Louder Than Intentions

businessman shouting through a megaphone, representing bad leadership

Leadership action is more important than words or intentions. Avoid bad leadership qualities by demonstrating kindness and keeping promises.

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Improve Your Leadership Communication Skills and Make a Bigger Impact, Sooner

a young woman leads an office meeting, representing leadership communication skills

Develop better leadership communication skills by understanding the importance of feedback and showing your team members greater humility.

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Leading with Courage Begins with Following Feedback

man in suit points, symbolizing leading with courage

Leading with courage means being open to improvement. Learn more about the qualities you can develop for more thoughtful leadership.

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The Worst Tolerated Behavior Defines Your Organizational Culture

organizational culture

A Company Is Only as Good as Its Worst Behavior What is the worst behavior that your company’s leadership will tolerate? Think about it for a minute. That behavior, particularly if it is repeatedly tolerated, defines your organizational culture. There are many things that can comprise poor behavior in an organization: sexual harassment, the company’s […]

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Organizational Pace of Change: Surviving and Thriving in Our Fast Paced World

organizational pace of change

Change is Constant, the Pace of Change Increases Our world is constantly changing but the pace of change has increased exponentially. The way we adopt and adapt to new technology far outpaces 10, 20 or 50 years ago. People expect things to change rapidly. In order to succeed in business your organizational pace of change […]

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Millennials in the Workplace Want These 4 Qualities in a Company

millennials in the workplace

Millennials in the Workplace Want to be Understood The Leading With Courage Academy recently led a panel discussion on millennials in the workplace, and how to better incorporate this unique demographic into your culture for greater success. During that discussion, four key things were uncovered that millennials in the workplace want most: focus, transparency, trust […]

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