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In Wake of Tax Reform, Private Placement Life Insurance Has a Rising Role

sand slipst hrough a brown hourglass, representing the need for private placement life insurance

Trump’s tax reforms eased tax rates on America’s wealthiest, which means opportunities in the private placement life insurance marketplace.

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PLUP Fiction: Bad Faith Insurance

life preserver representing bad faith insurance

Can you rely on your insurance company’s description of your insurance policy? Learn about insurance bad faith and your rights as the insured. 

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Rep & Warranty Insurance: How Does it Protect the Sale Process?

Beach retirement, the outcome of selling your business with representations and warranty insurance

Representations and warranty insurance can speed things along when selling your business, avoiding getting backed up in an escrow nightmare.

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Trade Credit Insurance in COVID-19 Times

raindrops on a black umbrella, symbolizing the need for a trade credit insurance policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the export credit insurance industry a seller’s market. Here’s what to expect of a trade credit insurance policy.

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Multi-Generational Tax Strategy for High Net Worth Families

An elderly woman and her granddaughter excitedly examine their stock portfolios on the granddaughter's phone, as they discuss tax strategy and variable annuities

To protect wealth for future generations, high-net-worth families shoud consider private placement variable annuities in their estate planning tax strategy.

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You Will Survive! How Your Business Will Survive Coronavirus – a Crisis Management Plan

COVID-19 is spelled out with pills and syringes, representing a prescription for business crisis management during the Coronavirus epidemic

Don’t let the coronavirus sink your business. Use these crisis management tips to position yourself for economic opportunity once the worst passes.

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Long-Term Care Insurance: What You and Your Family Should Know

Long-term Care

Everyone should consider long-term care insurance when thinking about the future. Do you know what you need to ask?

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Money Basics Series – Part 6: Protect Assets and Your Future Nest Egg

An investor stands in front of a

Protect your assets in six steps. Record, insure and track your assets to secure your nest egg for retirement and a more secure future.

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Sleep Better with Reps & Warranties Insurance

A dog sleeps with the peace of mind that comes with reps and warranties insurance

Understanding Representations, Warranties and Indemnities in M&A Transactions When boards are deliberating the purchase or sale of a business, they need to consider the long-term risks of the decision. Understanding the representations, warranties and indemnifications being made is essential to executing fiduciary duty, since the risks do not go away after the deal is done. […]

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Don’t Depend on Insurance: How to Proactively Assess and Manage Business Risks

Business risks

Don’t manage business risk by simply buying insurance. Learn how to reduce and avoid risk with a proactive risk management plan.

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