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Seeking a Money Magician? 5 Don’t’s When Selecting a Financial Planning Advisor (and 5 Dos)

magician's poster, representing what not to do in looking for financial planning advice and a financial planning advisor

Getting great financial planning advice can feel like magic, but sleight of hand isn’t something you’re looking for in a financial planning advisor. Do your research or you may watch your money disappear.

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A Few Minutes With…Alexey Sokolin, COO of Vanare

Alexey Sokolin is the 30-year-old partner and Chief Operating Officer of Vanare, the first platform to combine a Robo-Advisor with Traditional Wealth Management Services. Sokolin was previously Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NestEgg Wealth, a next-generation technology company and RIA that pioneered online wealth management in partnership with financial advisors, reaching new customers by automating financial advice online.

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5 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before Hiring

A financial advisor listens to clients in a conference room, symbolizing questions to ask a financial advisor

Can your advisor prove their qualifications and track record? Know the questions to ask a financial advisor and what they mean for your financial future. 

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Understanding Behavioral Finance and Your Financial Advisor’s Biases

man talks on telephone, symbolizing behavioral finance biases

Your advisor is not immune to behavioral finance biases, such as overconfidence or loss aversion. How does behavioral finance affect your investments?

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The Financial Urban Dictionary: A Financial Planning Glossary to Help You Speak with Your Advisor

A dictionary for financial advisor terminology

Don’t let fancy financial advisor language intimidate you. This financial planning glossary explains the jargon with flare.

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Women: It’s Time to Take Charge of Family Finances

Financial planning for women and wives

Studies show a majority of wives are uninvolved in family finances. Here’s how advisors and spouses can address financial planning for women.

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My Financial Advisor Has Money Troubles: Fiduciary Obligations and Your Right to Know

a financial advisor meets their client, representing fiduciary obligations

Does your advisor have fiduciary obligations that require disclosure? Know how your investments may be affected by your financial investor’s money issues.

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Steps for Protecting Business Sale Confidentiality

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A transaction advisor can help you ensure confidentiality when selling your business. Take these steps to avoid a confidentiality breach.

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6 Financial Tips for Widows in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

young woman shows her grandmother financial tips for widows on her iPhone

An aging population and global pandemic bring need for emotional and financial help for widows. Here are 6 financial tips for widows and widowers.

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Is It Worth It to Hire an Advisor?—Why Only a Trusted Advisor Will Do

Trusted Advisors

Hiring a trusted advisor is worth the time and money you’ll save doing something you cannot or should not do by yourself.

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