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Keeping It Real: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding, for developments like this, can be an investment opportunity for baby boomers

Baby Boomers are looking for alternative sources of income as they retire, and real estate crowdfunding provides an opportunity to passively invest.

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Survey Says: Investing in Real Estate Market Still the Popular Choice Among Americans

Investing in real estate like this multi-family dwelling, Bankrate found, is more popular than betting on the stock market

Americans favor investing in real estate over stocks and other asset classes. What makes the current real estate market so popular? 

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A Crash Course on the Benefits of REITs for Passive Investors

How REITs work for hopeful real estate investors

Can’t afford to buy property? REITs allow passive investors to “own” real estate without having to lift a finger. Learn how REITs work from an expert.

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Investing in a Real Estate Syndication: A Simple Guide

Real estate syndication for commercial properties

Investing in a real estate syndication allows investors with less capital, time and managerial experience to invest in a pooled fund.

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Crowdfunding Syndicated Loans: An Alternative for Real Estate Debt Investors

blue building under construction, representing a syndicated loan for real estate debt

Investing in real estate debt requires market expertise. Investing in a syndicated loan through a crowdfunding platform offers diverse lender expertise.

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A Diversified Real Estate Portfolio is Sound Investment Strategy

Real estate

Have you been thinking of investing in real estate, but not sure what type? The key is a diversified real estate portfolio.

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Real Estate Due Diligence: A Simple Guide for Investment Properties

Real estate due diligence is important for investment properties, like the cityscape pictured here

When it comes to investing in real estate, do your homework before you pull the trigger. Learn the best ways to accomplish real estate due diligence.

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Could Owning Operational Real Estate be Your Ideal Investment?

Operational Real Estate

Though higher risk than traditional investment real estate, operational real estate could offer a higher return.

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The REIT Income for Retirement: 6 Reasons to Invest in REITs

Multi-family apartment buildings like these are eligible for inclusion as REIT investments

Retirees seek diversified retirement income sources as they continue to age. REIT income may provide the risk-adjusted returns they need.

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Investing in Raw Land: This Land Was Made For You and Me

Raw Land Real Estate

Buying raw land can be more affordable and flexible than traditional real estate, but raw land real estate is not without its share of risks.

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