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4 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader

Finally, after years of hard work and loyalty, your dream has come true: you’ve been promoted to the role of office manager and will now oversee your coworkers on a variety of projects.

But, you then realize that you were more comfortable taking orders than giving them. Coworkers aren’t taking your instructions to heart and projects begin to get sidetracked. You try to rally your peers and keep them focused on the task at hand, to no avail.

Your solution to your problem? Read these four Life Hack tips on how to become a better leader. Although these tips won’t guarantee that you’ll become a better leader, you may consider using them to change your leadership methods in the future:

  1. Get to know your staff. Knowing your staff on a personal level will not only make them feel more valued, but will also help you manage them better. Hold team meetings so that you can discuss expectations and goals for the future with your staff. Try to understand what makes each staff member different from one another. The more you know your staff members, the better chance you have to utilize their talents for the good of the company.
  2. Admit when you don’t know every solution. You may think that as a leader, admitting that you don’t know something is a sign of weakness. This is the wrong mindset. Like anyone in business, you’re never going to have all of the answers. Showing your employees that you’re human will make your employees respect you. Finding the answers that your team needs will make them respect you even more.
  3. Practice effective communication. Make it well-known that your employees may openly discuss workplace issues with you. Give employees your full attention when they speak with you and make eye contact when they talk. Doing these three things will help build trust. Also, make sure you clearly explain what you expect from your co-workers and try to solve any misunderstandings between you and your coworker(s) as quickly as you can.
  4. Don’t micro-manage. It is almost impossible to micro-manage and focus on the company’s big picture at the same time. It’s much easier for you and your employees if you give them a project deadline and then assist them only if they need your guidance. By giving your employees more freedom, you are giving them the chance to figure out problems on their own rather than you figuring problems out for them. Micro-managing your staff will not only make them fear or resent you, but it will also stop you from building a rapport with them in the future.


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