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Patent Portfolio Management

Premiere Date: 11/13/2018 1:00pm

Patent portfolio management starts at the inventive stage and doesn’t end until a patent is no longer active.  Strategies vary widely and goals may evolve over time. Future events, such as those relating to licensing and litigation, can greatly affect such strategies. As patent portfolios grow, management becomes more difficult as does ensuring that the efforts (and expenditures) being made are appropriate.  

This webinar provides a variety of perspectives that will be useful in ensuring that your patent portfolio is robust, purposeful and managed effectively.

Patent Prosecution

Premiere Date: 10/16/2018 1:00pm

Patent prosecution can be managed and carried out using a variety of approaches. Some managing counsel prefer to be highly involved, while others are more apt to let those carrying out the prosecution run with things.

Attorneys (or patent agents) doing the work of response drafting, brief drafting, carrying out interviews and other tasks employ many different approaches and strategies.  

This webinar provides insight as to how to efficiently manage those carrying out the work of patent prosecution, whether inside or outside counsel, while ensuring quality. This webinar further addresses important issues relative to maintaining proper control and achieving the insight needed to ensure that the prosecution process is in line with business and technical needs as they evolve.