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Subscribing to the adage, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime,” Financial Poise offers its audience objective and plain English education about investing. If you are looking for recommendations on particular stocks or looking to make a quick buck trading, you came to the wrong place. Financial Poise teaches investors about the fundamentals of investing for the long term.

Investing in Gold

3 Tangible Asset Investments to Delight Your Inner Child

Add Fun to Your Portfolio with These Physical Assets As children, many of us may have dreamed about collecting comic books, baseball cards, jewelry or art. For many, those dreams have not yet come true, but it is never too late to start collecting. With the right portfolio, these collections can become valuable tangible assets […]

Angel Investing

Installment 8: Venture Capital and Angel Investing

What’s the Difference? This installment starts the discussion of venture capital investing by introducing its relative or subcategory angel investing. [Editor’s Note:  This is the eighth installment in a series of articles dedicated to the 95% of people in the U.S. who have never invested in a startup, a venture capital fund, a private equity […]

Equity Investing for Retirement

6 Ways Private Equity Can Play a Role in Retirement Plans

Private Equity is Not Just for Millionaires Anymore Retirement investors growing wary over bullish public markets might consider looking to the increasingly popular private equity marketplace. In terms of asset size and popularity, private equity has continued to grow for several notable reasons: As Ernst & Young’s 2018 Global Private Equity Survey framed it, “Thanks […]

Letters of Intent (LOI)

Reading and Writing a Letter of Intent

The 411 on LOIs A Letter of intent (LOI) (also sometimes called a term sheet, expression of interest, or indication of interest) is an informal offer made by a strategic or potential buyer of (or investor in) a business. Regardless of its name, a LOI is drafted in the preliminary stage of the sale of […]


Accredited Investor Installment 7: Crowdfunding Under Title III of the Jobs Act

The Floodgates are Open This is our third and final installment on crowdfunding. The two previous installments dealt with rewards-based crowdfunding and the development of equity crowdfunding under Reg D. This final installment deals with equity crowdfunding under Title III of the JOBS Act. [Editor’s Note: This is the seventh installment in a series of […]

Crowdfunding Equities

Accredited Investor Installment 6: Equity Crowdfunding Under Regulation D

Equity Offering Platforms We continue our discussion of crowdfunding. In our last installment, we discussed the rewards-based origins of crowdfunding from ArtistShare to Kickstarter to GoFundMe. In this installment we move on to the development of equity crowdfunding. [Editor’s Note: This is the sixth installment in a series of articles dedicated to the 95% of […]


Accredited Investor Installment 5: Crowdfunding

Rewards-based Beginnings [Editor’s Note: This is the fifth installment in a series of articles dedicated to the 95% of people in the U.S. who have never invested in a startup, a venture capital fund, a private equity fund, or a hedge fund even though they are permitted to do so and even though doing so […]

Investment Lessons from Poker

Going All-In: Investment Lessons from the Poker Table

A Good Decision Can Bring A Bad Outcome Investors can learn a lot from expert poker player Annie Duke’s book, “Thinking in Bets.” In it, she explains that one of the more common mistakes made by amateurs is the tendency to equate the quality of a decision with the quality of its outcome. Poker players […]

Avoiding Taxes with a NING Trust

Eliminating State Income Taxes With a NING Trust

How Non-Grantor Trusts Help Protect Your Assets from State Income Tax In 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed, restricting many of the deductibles on state income taxes. As a result, a great deal of discussion lately has surrounded the use of the Nevada Incomplete Non-Grantor (NING) Trust. Grantor vs Non-Grantor Trusts […]

Cannabis Industry Outlook

Investing in Cannabis: How Investors are Chasing the High

As Legalization Nears, Marijuana and CBD Investment Opportunities Surge Cannabis-infused beer? How about Cannabis Gummy Bears? With more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, the opportunities for investing in cannabis are now endless. Recently, House Representative and Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern stated that the committee will vote on marijuana reform. McGovern believes […]

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