Practical and entertaining education for business owners and executives, Accredited Investors, and their legal and financial advisors.


Faculty Selection Team. The FTP ensures that each panelist is selectively chosen on merit, based on his or her substantive knowledge and ability to teach effectively.

Content Development Team. The CDT is comprised of professional educators, who work with our panelists to create webinars with accurate, current information.

Execution Team. The ET works with each panel to assure that webinars are engaging and entertaining.

Quality Assurance Team. The QAT reviews all our on demand webinars regularly to make sure that information is current and complete.

Marketing Team. The MT works with panelists to promote webinars.

Business Development Team. The BDT works with potential strategic partners and firms that are interested in teaming with Financial Poise to present relevant webinars.

Amanda Florip

Chief Operations Officer

Amanda Florip runs day-to-day operations of Financial Poise, and each of the teams described above report into her. Amanda also serves as an adjunct professor of both business and communications at a local university. Prior to joining DailyDAC, LLC, Amanda ran the webinar operations of a large not-for-profit and also held positions in the travel and broadcast media fields. Amanda is a licensed attorney, though she does not practice.

Jessica Powell

Webinar Production Assistant

Jessica Powell is responsible for company-wide SEO strategy, media relations and assisting with Financial Poise webinars.  Prior to joining Financial Poise, Jessica worked in higher education in a variety of roles and most recently at DePaul University.

Financial Poise is a division of DailyDAC LLC.  For a listing of the full DailyDAC LLC team, please click here.